Display number of tweets for links on

Fun sites to try: nytimes.com, ericson.net, washingtonpost.com, cnn.com or huffingtonpost.com

Counting Tweets uses the Topsy API to show the number of times that links on a site have been twittered.

Dated URLs only searches links with a date — like "/2010/07/04" or "20100704" — or a numeric id in the href.
Statistics are gathered for the first 100 or so URLs on a page. Also, it can take a little time to run, so be patient.

Also, some sites have URLs that don't track well in Topsy — most notably, those that have the post id
in the querystring, like npr.org or xocas.com — so your mileage may vary.

Colors indicate number of tweets: 500+ 100-500 50-100 1-50 None

Read me about Counting Tweets on Matt's blog. Comments? Send them to countingtweets@ericson.net.

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